Future miners

Tan Gold Mining Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) is an exempted limited liability company incorporated and registered in Bermuda under the Bermuda Companies Act 1981 (as amended). The shares of the Company are listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“SEHK”). The registered office and principal place of business of the Company are respectively located at Victoria Place, 5th Floor, 31 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM12, Bermuda and Room 1901, 19th Floor, Ruxin Guangchang, No. 8 Yangwu Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong.


Founded in 1995, the Group’s main business is: coal mining | mining of gold and silver mines | wholesale of metals and mineral products (excluding oil). The Group’s holding dozens of subsidiaries involve a large number of financial investment products, including hundreds of global financial products, with international financial services and mining resources as its main business, serving more than hundreds of countries, and simultaneously tracking and observing the development of the financial sector, With the innovation of blockchain technology, the group leadership discussed that the company with Taung Gold International Limited as the main body would spend a lot of money to build a global top blockchain technology team, Taung Game Gold International Limited, to develop a metauniverse virtual game named Future Miner to open a new era of web3 metauniverse finance.


Taung Gold International Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tan Gold Industry Co., Ltd. (HK 00621), which holds 78.58% shares, and BEE share holders, which holds 21.42% shares and jointly controls 100%.

TaungGold Secunda (Pty) Ltd Evander Gold Mine Project 100%

Taung Gold Free State (Pty) Ltd 1 # JEANETTE Gold Mine Project 100%

TaungGold Secunda (Pty) Ltd 2 # EVANDER Gold Mine Project 100%

The project was originally explored and held by Anglo American and Harmony Gold for a long time.It is not a world-class super-large gold mine that has not yet been developed.

No. 1 Project Jeanette

Start date: June 7, 2017 Expiration date: June 6, 2047 Licensed minerals: gold, silver, platinum group metals, uranium jurisdiction Free State Odendaalsrus jurisdiction area (ha) 9120.9015 mining right holder Taung Gold Free State (Pty) Ltd mining right number MPT: 33/2017


No. 2 Project Evander

Start date: July 18, 2012 Expiry date: April 28, 2038

Permitted minerals: gold, silver, uranium, pyrite, arsenic, chalcopyrite jurisdiction area of Highveld Ridge, Punanga Province 5114.4719 mining right holder Tang Gold Secunda (Pty) Ltd mining right number MPT: 116/2013, 70/2013

The total output of the two projects is 415.16 tons

The gold price is 1840 US dollars/ounce, and the estimation accuracy is ± 20%. The payback period is calculated from the date of the first production.

The two mines have been put into operation for 21 years, with an average annual gold output of 22.61 tons and an annual profit of 369.89 million dollars.

Based on the total investment of 1.338 billion US dollars, the payback period of the whole project is 3.6 years.

On January 9 in Hong Kong, when attending the POW’ER Hong Kong Web3 Innovators Summit, the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, Chen Maobo, revealed that Hong Kong had recently completed the legislative work of setting up a licensing system for virtual asset service providers, and the new system would be implemented in June this year. Chen Maobo sent an invitation to the global virtual asset industry: “We sincerely invite the global virtual asset industry to work with us to take advantage of the regulatory framework of the Hong Kong International Financial Center, which is clear, clear, appropriate and consistent with the best international standards and practices, to bring the potential of financial innovation into play. We also welcome the development of global financial technology and virtual asset communities and talents to Hong Kong, and join us in welcoming the huge opportunities brought by the development of Web3 and virtual asset industry.


The future miner is a virtual game developed by TGG, a subsidiary of the parent company of TGS, which is a web3-yuan universe chain game for virtual miners to jointly build their home world. The background is the world that has been reborn after the destruction of the end of the world after the destruction of human beings. Players can obtain the virtual asset currency of the future miner platform through the NFT virtual human mapping creation account miner role mining task scenario upgrade, Get game equipment and blind boxes through game PvE and PvP modes, and sell trophies in the market to obtain TIL rewards, so as to achieve the goal of making money while playing.


The future miner is a metauniverse game ecosystem based on blockchain technology, and is committed to building a decentralized game platform. With the mission of protecting the earth and protecting human beings, and with the purpose of educating and influencing the non-profit through the consequences of the destruction of the natural environment through games, we have created the DAO consensus to jointly build the Endowment Fund for Environmental Protection and an open metauniverse game ecological platform. The consensus currency obtained by players in the game can be directly traded with other players, and the transaction process is simple and efficient. The consensus currency TIL is the general digital asset of the future miner’s metauniverse ecosystem. Using TIL, you can purchase game time, purchase game props, participate in community voting, and reward community players in the ecosystem.

In addition, the addition of anti-script rules to the game may prevent a large number of players who have paid for scripts, so that real individual players can experience the fun of the game and create profits in the game.