Shocking Incident Unveiled in South Korea! Mysterious Son of North Korean High Official Enters the Country, Rattle the Blockchain Market

In late March, a man named Charles Lee was taken away by the South Korean police, triggering a massive shockwave in the cryptocurrency community. To this day, there is widespread speculation about the background and identity of this mysterious individual, and the valid reason for his apprehension remains undisclosed.

Currently, available information indicates that Charles Lee is the organizer of the MissWeb3 global beauty pageant. MissWeb3 is a worldwide beauty competition combining virtual currency and influencer economy. The audience scrutinizes 300 finalists, and with the MissWeb3 Roma Token ($ROMA), viewers can freely support their favourite contestants. The ultimate winner stands to receive a staggering prize of up to 1499 BTC, equivalent to nearly 800 million Chinese yuan. Charles Lee chose Seoul, South Korea, as the first stop, with subsequent events planned for Paris, London, and Singapore.

The attention generated by the substantial prize of 1499 BTC led to numerous incidents, including server crashes in Singapore and South Korea, registration portal malfunctions, and system failures that have yet to be resolved. Reports suggest this event has reached an estimated 5.2 billion viewers through online platforms.

As the competition’s founder, Charles Lee’s true identity remains a mystery. Does he possess 1499 BTC? This is the initial question that puzzled the public. However, the events that unfolded at the end of March and the subsequent release of information have only deepened the enigma surrounding Charles Lee’s identity.

It is reported that Charles Lee entered South Korea with a Singaporean passport and was later seen at the South Korean National Congress. His purpose for attending the 12th Cultural & Arts Awards in South Korea remains mysterious. Some sources suggest that the police apprehended him simply because the MissWeb3 global beauty pageant caused a stir in the South Korean cryptocurrency market. They required Charles Lee’s cooperation in the investigation to verify the ability to fulfil the promised 1499 BTC.

The final disclosure revealed that Charles Lee successfully proved the authenticity of the prize and announced that the MissWeb3 recruitment event in Dubai would proceed as scheduled.

However, this only intensified people’s curiosity about Charles Lee’s identity. The latest shocking revelation suggests that Charles Lee is, in fact, a direct relative of a high-ranking executive in North Korea, possessing significant financial resources and seeking to make a name for himself through this endeavour. However, reports suggest that he is a South Korean individual from a lower socio-economic background, gradually establishing a presence in the market through attention-grabbing and controversial marketing tactics. Regardless, he has demonstrated the ability to fulfil the promise of 1499 bitcoins and successfully caused a commotion in the cryptocurrency community through the Miss Web3 global beauty pageant.

Currently, the official token, $ROMA, is experiencing a frenzy of sales in South Korea, and the token is freely tradable on the secondary market. Leveraging this highly controversial and sensational event, Roma Coin has quickly become a hot commodity in the cryptocurrency market.