The most potential GameFi – Super War Pet launched. Are you ready to earn?


GameFi is a new concept after the fire of DeFi, NFT, and the Metaverse. Like DeFi, it is a word created with the development of the industry, and can also be understood as Game+DeFi. It aims to promote the financial attributes of games through the game economy. While improving the game economy through financial attributes, the notable feature is that the financial element (Finance) is integrated into the game (Game), and the decentralized financial products are presented in the form of games. DeFi’s Gamification of rules, fusion and sublimation. The special feature of GameFi is the play to earn part in GameFi. Users can earn income or rewards in the process of participating in the game and make money. In addition, rich Defi gameplay, such as game prop assets NFT, game economy combined with liquidity mining, etc., are all available in GameFi.

At the same time, thanks to the distributed structure of blockchain technology, the “metaverse” perfectly mirrors the real world at the relatively general level of “system”. The next block chain with huge economic value and investment value is GameFi.

The value of GameFi is the IP attribute of the game itself. Based on the foundation of Finance, the core game can be played. In terms of game content and IP creation, many projects have begun to stand alone and take the lead.

Global GameFi games are developing rapidly, but they lack in-depth thinking and hard work in the direction of Game. But there are also many potential emerging projects worthy of attention. As one of them, Super War Pet is a classic and unique SLG chain game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which integrates “elimination, competition, simulation, mining, Staking, SWAP, DEFI, NFT, DAO” in one, in which you will lead your pet team on adventures and achieve personal and team honor.


How to play the new world

In Super War Pet, NFT pets are your mounts, and incredible new worlds and life forms are waiting for you. To get NFT pets, you can use tokens to draw blind boxes, or use summoning and breeding skills to strengthen your pet lineup to get more resources and rewards.

Super War Pet is a metaverse full of adventure and war, we have

A complete economic system, from NFT exchange to pet summoning, synthesis, duplication, exchange, to land auction and store rental, the whole process is Play-to-Earn.

Perfect social system. From the moment you join the game, you are a member of Super War PetDAO, and you can share the dividends of ecological development by participating in the ecological governance of Super War Pet Metaverse.

Set up a pet level system, upgrade to get more power and resources, and become the best Super War Pet fighter.

An epic war is waiting for you to join, and the supremacy of pet camps in the elven castle awaits.

Bringing the game back to the essence of fun has always been the original intention of Super War Pet. As a top GameFi production from game graphics to war scenes, as well as combat missions and level design. Coupled with rich and interesting gameplay, “Super War Pet” allows you to appreciate what it means to be completely immersive.


Play-to-Earn as a new concept economic model, we call it earning while playing. The economics of Play-to-Earn are at the heart of the GameFi space. Gamefi is an inevitable result of the development of DeFi and NFT. Its value lies in enabling participants to enjoy the fun of games while also getting real benefits from them. Compared with the “Free-to-Play” of traditional games, Gamefi is “Play to Earn”. The former is to spend money to recharge and then play the game, while the latter game players can earn real money through encrypted assets and participate in the virtual economy. Players who build and play can earn rewards for their participation, sell them on the market and earn money. This is a revolutionary difference. It is different from the Free-to-Play model in the traditional game industry,


Since blockchain games are not owned by a certain company, the development team of Chain Games has changed from the service role of the traditional game development team to a company-like architect, and the player has changed from the player who pays to play the game to a player. Employees who contribute to the development and expansion of the company, players and developers jointly maintain the game, which is completely driven by the market, the higher the popularity, the better the experience, and the higher the level of gamers. The transformation of the identities of both parties has transformed the original player’s behavior of spending money to play the game into a behavior similar to work and making money. They can obtain returns from the market through the game, and each player can participate in the improvement and upgrade of the overall game. This is also an epic change to the long-ruling era of game kryptonite.

Super War Pet NFT is also known as SW-NFT. Each SW-NFT represents a pet, first obtain a SW-NFT, join the Super War Pet game, and then be eligible to summon a pet, and then experience the incubation, upgrade, exchange and other gameplay of advanced SW-NFT.

Different from the traditional game centralized mode, Super War Pet gives players enough game rights. All SW-NFTs purchased and incubated in the game universe belong to the players themselves, and players have the right to exchange them freely.


2021 is called the first year of the metaverse. The metaverse maps the reality into the virtual world, and the concept of ultimately affecting the real world from the activities of the virtual world has become the main direction of the future development of the Internet. Under the epidemic, some resource-exporting countries in Southeast Asia have encountered an economic crisis. To solve the economic crisis, it is necessary to seek new economic growth points in addition to resource exports. The economic system mapped by GameFi just provides such a possibility, so that ordinary people can In the reality of high consumption and low income, certain benefits are earned through the virtual world.

The trend of 2022 is gradually blowing to GameFi, and more and more newcomers are pouring into the game world of “Paly to Earn”. Let’s lead the pets of war in the chain game Super War Pet, and adventure together. Run on the road of Play-to-Earn and achieve each other. Build your own new kingdom on the blockchain, summon, collect, copy, exchange pets, appreciate game rewards and govern digital assets. Follow the pace of Super War Pet, seize GameFi, seize the opportunity, and dominate the wealth!