Why MIT Ph.D. Drops Promising Career to Dive into the Cryptocurrency Beauty Pageant MissWeb3?

The definition of beauty is diverse, and life offers a multitude of choices. When the MIT PhD boarded the plane from Boston to South Korea, her life underwent a complete transformation.

“After earning enough for five years’ tuition in just two days as an internet celebrity and leaving a profound mark on the blockchain and beauty industry, I want to prove that unconventional paths can lead to extraordinary success,” she said.

Recently, this MIT PhD has caught the attention of the cryptocurrency community. As an intellectual woman, her life was on a smooth trajectory. However, rather than following the conventional path, she wanted to live a remarkable life on her terms. She took a leap of faith and travelled thousands of kilometres to South Korea to participate in the Miss Web3 beauty pageant.

This event is currently one of the hottest projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, not only because of the beauty pageant itself but also due to its staggering super jackpot pool of 800 million Chinese yuan. The organizers deeply integrate virtual currencies with the influencer economy, taking TikTok as a benchmark. They selected 300 finalists to participate in the beauty pageant held in various locations worldwide. Users can vote for their favourite contestants by exchanging or purchasing $ROMA tokens. The ultimate winner will receive a super jackpot of up to 1,499 BTC.

The 1,499 BTC super jackpot has captured global attention, with an online reach of up to 5.2 billion. Founder Charles Lee even boldly proclaimed slogans like “overtake TikTok” and “empower female influence.” During the initial registration period, a massive influx of users caused server crashes and malfunctioning entry portals. Charles Lee himself was unexpectedly taken into custody for investigation by the police. Despite numerous controversies and doubts, the Miss Web3 beauty pageant continues to gain popularity. As a circulating token, the ROMA Token experienced a speculative frenzy in South Korea and is now freely traded in the secondary market, gradually becoming a competitive cryptocurrency.

The MIT PhD’s bold move further fuels the popularity of this sensational event. Key players in Miss Web3 are Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and users. The “PhD” and “MIT” halo surrounding her adds more elements to the beauty pageant and addresses the concerns of feminists. The passionate pursuit of this PhD by users has made her a beneficiary of this competition. According to her, a top-ranking internet influencer showered her with millions of dollars within two days. She has always been interested in and passionate about Bitcoin, and the myth of getting rich in the cryptocurrency industry has finally come true. “With my expertise and unique charm, supported by the audience, I will strive to win this enticing award,” she declared.

Since the beginning of this year, the cryptocurrency market has entered a new bull market. The actions of this PhD are attracting more people to imitate and follow suit. Some are destined to become wealthy within this walled city, while others may return empty-handed.