Will the coin of most popular game MetaHero – MCH go to the moon?

Chapter 1 Background of the story

Origin of the world

On a distant planet, there is an “Independent Kingdom” where many tribes live. Huge number of species and however also in monsters.

The monsters have long been dissatisfied with the rule of human beings, and have long coveted the right to rule the “independent kingdom.”

From the gold coast to the blazing plains and to the thunder Cliffs, monsters are everywhere. In order to defend this beautiful home, human sometimes have to risk their own life.

The Elves come

In the “Independent Kingdom”, elves live on a mysterious Elves Mountain and their duty is to preserve the peace of the “Independent Kingdom”.

However, the turbulent situation of each tribe makes elves worried, in order to prevent the “Independent Kingdom” into a broken and chaos, elves decided to come forward. They transfer to pets and seek out heroes with incredible powers and help them win.

Rare materials

The tribes of the “Independent Kingdom” have many types of rare materials, such as Fairy stone, sacred wood, holy water etc. The advantage of holding these materials is like having a pass from one tribe to another.

Tribal wars in the “Independent Kingdom” began and ended by resources. Mastery of rare materials means mastery of the tribe’s economic lifeline and further to mastery of the “Independent Kingdom.”

Wars began

A great desire finally pushed the monsters to launch a rabid attack on the human race. After a fierce tribal war, only those skillful heroes can survive in the brutal battles.

To increase their chances of winning, these heroes must have determination, on both the right strategy of military organization and always keeping calm to analysis in any situations.

The battle is won when the monsters run out of breath.

Chapter 2 Economic model


The game will establish an ecological governance Token: MHC based on Binance Smart chain BSC, which is currently the equity certificate of the entire game. HSPC is the core asset of the entire game, and our vision is to build a new decentralized ecosystem based on MetaHero, a completely transparent and frictionless infrastructure for in-game item trading.

In MetaHero’s game world, there are also three resource tokens that jointly maintain the ecological order of the entire tribe, which are MWB, ASB and HWB as in-game mission tokens and important game assets.

Players can unlock the treasure box by way of recharge. Treasure box is divided into three levels of Rare, Epic, Legend, different levels of treasure box can open different classes, types of heroes.


1. The player can unlock the treasure box (rare, epic, legend) by topping up to get heroes of different types and classes;

2. Upgrade heroes of the same class to strengthen the token output efficiency and various attributes of heroes, increase the gameplay of the game, and improve the earning capacity of heroes;

3. Purchasing a physical strength or use holy water to exchange physical strength to extend the hero’s combat effectiveness, obtain more game materials and tokens;

4. Convert the obtained tokens into the platform currency through the exchange, and then go to the exchange for cash. Meanwhile, the acquired free trading hero card NFT can also be sold to other players for cash through the exchange bank.

Tokens model

Total game equity token MHC issued: 50 million

Distribution method:

– Mechanism: 5% (locked up for 6 months, linear release in 24 months)

-IDO: 8% (locked up for 3 months, linear release in 12 months)

– Technology: 7% (locked up for 6 months, linear release in 36 months)

– Foundations: 10%

– Community autonomy Incentive: 20% (decided by community vote)

– Game incentives: 50%

Game circulation token HSPC

Total issue: 1 billion

Release method: 100% game output

Destruction mechanism

– MHC has no destruction mechanism

– HSPC destruction:

1. upgrade synthesis cost of the commission for permanent destruction

2. The investment involved in the game is means to destroyed

3. HSPC will destroy the treasure box once it is opened (20% of it will be used as market incentive and 80% will be permanently destroyed)

4. HSPC exchange three game assets within the game will immediately destroy permanently

5. The game will deduct 5% of the handling fee of withdrawing money from other addresses (direct destruction)

6, NFT transaction, transfer fee 5% deduction (direct destruction)

Tokens development

Age of Token

– Game circulation assets HSPC

– Game asset tokens MWB, ASB, HWB

Age of Assets

Unlock the treasure box, obtain NFT cards, unique game digital assets

Age of Association

Earn MHC game equity tokens through guild dividends, guild rewards, and MHC token through the guild competition

Age of Financial

Game mining, DEFi mining, NFT trading

Chapter 3 Game system

System of Heroes

In MetaHero’s role system, there are four hero roles:

1. Archer: Archer has a longer attack distance and a wider radiation range.

2. Warlock: The Warlock’s attack ability and damage bearing ability are balanced and balanced in all aspects;

3. Warrior: Warrior injury bearing ability is very strong, can top in the front row to absorb damage;

4. Mage: The mage’s explosive power is relatively high, but the corresponding damage bearing ability is weak.

Name of Heroes Blue Hero Purple hero Purple + Hero Orange hero
Archer Little Marksman Ice marksman Sharpshooter King’s shooter
Warrior small hammer Minotaur Golden Warrior Champion Warrior
Warlock Beginner Warlock Junior Warlock Senior Warlock

Expert Warlock
Mage Apprentice Mage Sublimity Mage Holy Mage Emperor Mage

The pet system

1. Fire

2. Ice

3. Ruler

4. Phantom

Heroes gain

1. There are three blind boxes that can be opened in the game mall: rare, Epic and Legend

2. Each treasure box can only be opened 5 times a day (limit the daily investment of a large amount of money in a single account)

3. You can do the transaction within the DAPP

4. Get the hero card through levels in the game

System of blind boxes

There are three blind boxes that can be opened in the game mall: rare, epic and Legend

Rare boxes: Purple cards

Epic boxes: Purple + card

Legend boxes: Orange card

Treasure box Payment currency and price Types of card The proportion of Hero
Rare Box 100U worth of HSPC Purple

Random of 4 identities


Token generation and upgrade system

Name of Heroes Blue Hero Purple Hero Purple + Hero

Orange Hero
Archer Free to gain

No Output

Get three types of game asset productivity randomly based on the hero completing different tasks in different scenarios. When asset A is produced, 15% of asset B +15% of asset C should be deducted to receive it.
Upgrade System Each level requires three initial cards.

For example, upgrading from level 1 to level 2 requires 3 cards, and upgrading from level 2 to Level 3 requires 3 cards… Upgrading from level 20 to level 21 requires 3 cards.

Each upgrade also costs MHC+HSPC, which is 5% of the initial card value for one card.

Resource output

1.The hero must choose which resource to participate in on the day, and when he completes the day’s physical expenditure, he gains 50% of the production.

2. The other 50% of the capacity requires users to choose one of the three copies to get rewards. One copy is fairy stone output, two copies are sacred wood output, and three copies are holy water output.

Token output and consumption

Name of Heroes Price of blind box Daily production of coins Upgrade cost/level Energy consumption Limit of capacity
Little Marksman Free
Ice marksman 100USDT 100 2 currencies -15% each 5 points per card 3 times exhaustion
Sharpshooter 200USDT 200 10 points per card 3.5 times exhaustion
King’s shooter 400USDT 400 20 points per card 4 times exhaustion
Small hammer Free
Minotaur 100USDT 105 2 currencies -15% each 5 points per card 3 times exhaustion
Golden Warrior 200USDT 210 10 points per card 3.5 times exhaustion
Champion Warrior 400USDT 420 20 points per card 4 times exhaustion
Beginner Warlock Free
Junior Warlock 100USDT Primary attribute : 110 2 currencies -15% each 5 points per card 3 times exhaustion
Senior Warlock 200USDT


Primary attribute :


10 points per card 3.5 times exhaustion
Expert Warlock 400USDT


Primary attribute :


20 points per card 4 times exhaustion
Apprentice Mage Free
Sublimity Mage 100USDT Primary attribute : 120 2 currencies -15% each 5 points per card 3 times exhaustion
Holy Mage 200USDT Primary attribute :


10 points per card 3.5 times exhaustion
Emperor Mage 400USDT Primary attribute :


20 points per card 4 times exhaustion

Daily physical exertion

Each hero needs to purchase stamina once per day (stamina consumption), and when 100% of stamina is consumed, 50% of the bonus will be awarded. The cost of physical strength is as follows: The price of physical strength is 1 holy water =1 physical strength (you need to buy one physical strength before going into battle to directly consume the maximum holy water consumed that day)

Hero / Level Purple /point Purple /point Orange /point
1-5 5 10 20
5-10 10 20 40
11-15 15 30 60
16-20 20 40 80
21-25 25 50 100
26-30 30 60 120

The resource box is open in:

Rare Treasure box: 10 holy water/time (10 times a day)

Epic Treasure box: 20 holy water/time (10 times per day)

Legend Treasure box: 40 holy water/time (10 times a day)

Scroll, Rune Treasure box: 5 holy water/time (10 times per day)

Chapter 4 The Guild system

The guild rewards

There are 5 levels of rewards:

SI S2 S3 S4 S5

1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%

High level can participate in low level bonus and this can only accelerate the exhaustion of capacity.

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